YouTube Video Examples: A Typical Work Day

To illustrate my point that you could find videos on YouTube about just about anything, I found myself wondering how could I get that point across to you. I decided on illustrating a typical work day for many of us. That starts with getting up in the morning and getting ready for work. Take a look at some of these videos and you’ll understand my point that you can find just about anything on YouTube. I found these with just a little bit of searching, it wasn’t that tough.

Getting Ready for Work in the Morning and Getting Ready for Bed at Night

How To Boil Water – YouTube

How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker – YouTube

How to make eggs over-easy – YouTube

You’re Doing It All Wrong – How to Make Oatmeal – YouTube

How to Brush Teeth – YouTube

How to wash your hands properly – YouTube

How to Properly Comb Your Hair – YouTube

Bag Lunches What To Make or Take For Lunch – YouTube

At Work

My Daily Drive to Work in E46 M3 @ 165mph on Autobahn – YouTube

The Efficient Workplace – YouTube

Snack Attack! Geeky but funny tips on eating better at work – YouTube

Coffee Break Coaching (Delivering Results on the Job) – YouTube

Flintstones Theme Song – It’s quitting time. – YouTube

After Work

Easy Dinner Recipes – 30 Minute Quick Dinner Ideas – YouTube

Wine Advice How to Choose a Good Wine – YouTube

Gourmet Dessert Recipes – YouTube

Kitchen Cleaning Tips – YouTube

Enjoyed a nice walk after dinner on the weekend – YouTube

Tips for better sleep – How to get a good nights sleep – YouTube