I would like to introduce you to Penny Lane of QuickBooksNow.com. Penny Lane is a QuickBooks teacher, consultant, accountant and expert.

Penny LaneI use QuickBooks for my business and I teach my clients about QuickBooks. Having stated that, I don’t feel that I am an expert at QuickBooks. I know my limitations and I also know that QuickBooks can do a great deal for small businesses. Penny owns an accounting business in California and is a certified QuickBooks instructor.

I found Penny when I was doing a Google search about a QuickBooks issue. As I reviewed her website I realized this was the type of person I wanted to share with my students for her great understanding and knowledge of QuickBooks. I called Penny to introduce myself and asked her if I could share her videos with my students and she agreed. In the future I hope to post more of Penny’s videos so I can help you become a better QuickBooks user. Enjoy.

Using Grouped Items in QuickBooks by Penny Lane