In this series of tutorials I will teach you about text boxes and how you can use them to put information where you desire on a PowerPoint slide. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, there is a good chance you will have used text boxes.

I find PowerPoint to be the most difficult class to teach because people come into it with different levels of computer knowledge and time available to them to create a presentation.

I can teach you how to create a PowerPoint presentation in about 10 minutes. However, if you have a lot of time on your hands you can take the same basic presentation and turn it into a PowerPoint masterpiece! Having said that, its not about your PowerPoint skills, its about your audience. Never forget that.

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If you have no experience with computers I suggest you start learning about PowerPoint by learning Microsoft Word first. Yes, I also offer free Microsoft Word training. The things you’ll learn in Word will lay the foundation for a successful experience working with PowerPoint. Enjoy, and tell your friends about Thanks.

Creating Text Boxes Part 1

Creating Text Boxes Part 2

Creating Text Boxes Part 3

Creating Text Boxes Part 4