Spritz is a new tool that takes text from something you read and tries to speedup and simplify the reading process.

I recently discovered when I watched a local news show called Chronicle, an excellent news magazine here in the Boston area. Quite often they will do pieces on technology. Last week I watched a segment on a new tool called Spritz.  Spritz takes the words we are reading and shows them to us one at a time so that we don’t have to work so hard to scan a page to read something. I cannot possibly do it justice in trying to explain it, so here is a link to the new show that I watched: http://www.wcvb.com/chronicle/nextgen-spritz/36290012

Here is some more information from http://www.spritzlet.com/

Spritz any page on the web.

Drag the Spritzlet button to your bookmarks bar to install:

Spritzlet (If you want a preview of what it’s like, you can just click the button.)

How to install and use (don’t worry, it’s easy)

1. Drag the Spritzlet button above to your bookmarks bar to install it.

Where is my bookmarks/favorites bar?

Your bookmarks bar may be hidden. It looks like a list of links underneath the URL text box. Here’s how to show it:

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer: Control (Command on a Mac) + Shift + B

Firefox: Control (Command on a Mac) + B

2.  Navigate to any site and click your Spritzlet bookmark to spritz the entire page.
3. To spritz only part of a page, highlight text and click the play button. Clicking the play button without any text highlighted will spritz the entire page.

To quickly adjust the words per minute (wpm), you can use the left and right arrow keys.



Click the blue login link to sign-in. You’ll have to create an account if you don’t have one.

Why should I create a Spritz account?

Registration is free and easy. You can also sign-in with your Facebook account.

Here’s what registered users get access to:

  • Spritz below 200 WPM and above 450 WPM.
  • Your WPM and position settings are saved between sites.
  • We’re working on tons of other features that only registered users will get access to.

Spritzlet not working for you?

Getting the Spritzlet to work on every webpage is a tall order. If a page doesn’t work as expected, let us know at support@spritzinc.com. In your email be sure to include the URL of the site, your web browser, and what exactly went wrong so we can get everything fixed for you as soon as possible.

Will it work on smart phones?

Yes. If it doesn’t work on your phone, let us know.

Will it work with PDFs on the web?

The Spritzlet only works on content published in HTML. Readsy is a great, free service that allows you to spritz PDFs.

It doesn’t work on [insert website] here.

We’re sorry about that! Email support@spritzinc.com the URL and we’ll see if we can get things working for you.