I have been using Dragon Dictation via Dragon NaturallySpeaking for approximately two years. Is it work? Yes. It is like taking on a new language and learning the quirks and ways of speaking.  Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes.

From a business point of view I use it primarily to dictate articles that I post online and emails that I send to a client. I find it is easier to dictate my thoughts then it is to write notes on paper and then translate it to my computer.

From Dragon’s YouTube Channel: Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software available for the PC. Dragon transforms the PC experience by turning your voice into text and actionable commands much faster than most people can type. By making navigation and text-entry tasks dramatically faster and easier, Dragon 13 allows you to reach your full potential by helping you get more done on your computer – simply by speaking.[su_spacer]