Older Versions of Free QuickBooks Pro Training:
versions 2006 to 2012

The fundamentals of using QuickBooks has not changed since I started using QuickBooks many years ago. You can create invoices, run reports about those invoices, and receive payments on those invoices. The best thing about QuickBooks is that you don’t have to be an accountant to use it.

The tutorials below cover the fundamentals of QuickBooks from versions 2006 to 2012.

If you have questions about QuickBooks, I will give you One-Hour of my time for free to discuss anything related to QuickBooks. I can work with you anywhere in the world using GoToMeeting. Simply contact me to setup a time to work together.

QuickBooks Training Part 1 of 3 (29.00)

NOTE: For best viewing watch my QuickBooks tutorials in a screen resolution of 800 x 600.

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Time: begin to 3:40:  Overview: you learn by doing | Don’t be intimidated by QuickBooks | Practice makes perfect |

Time: 3:40 to 18:45:   My approach to QuickBooks | QuickBooks home page | Creating an Invoice for RRR Painting | Widgets as an item | Tab key & keyboard shortcuts | Quick Add vs. setup | Numbering invoices (make it look like you’ve been in business forever | Adding more detail to an invoice | The first month is the hardest | QuickBooks is great because you learn by doing | The first month is the hardest and most time consuming | You learn a great deal about  QuickBooks by creating your first  invoice | Creating items | Sub items

Time: 18:46 to end:  Getting you comfortable with QuickBooks versus making you the world’s best accountant | QuickBooks is easy to use | Invoice options: print, batch print, email and save as a PDF | Emailing an invoice as an attachment | You created an invoice, now you have something to report about | Creating an accounts receivable report | Getting around a report | The zoom tool (magnifying glass drills down) | Your first customer, invoice and report…very easy | Save an invoice | Starting a new invoice | Open windows on left | Planning what things should be called

QuickBooks Training Part 2 of 3 (21:00)

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Time: begin to 10:00:  Receiving Payments | Where does the payment go? | Creating a checking account | Chart of Accounts | Tony’s Checking Account | Opening Balance | Outstanding checks | Quick review of checking account | Managing a payment | Viewing open invoices | Applying payments to the proper invoice | Using the tab key | Where do you deposit your received payments? | Check deposit logistics | Using the dropdown calendar to select a date | Save and close | Funds out of receivables and deposited into checking account

Time: 10:01 to end:  Creating shortcuts on toolbar | Icon choices | Partial payments | Match payments to invoices | Creating estimates | QuickBooks email service | Estimate Options | Save as PDF | Converting an estimate to an invoice | Printing options | More than one way to do the same thing | Don’t worry, mistakes will be caught when you reconcile | QuickBooks email server | Sending an email via QuickBooks

QuickBooks Training Part 3 of 3 (22:00)

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Time: begin to 13:30:  Ways to get paid | Sales receipt | Invoice vs. Sales Receipt | Deposit to | Make deposits | Save & close | Chart of Accounts | Checking account shortcut on toolbar | Simplify QuickBooks | Makes it easier to train others | Make reports easy for the boss | Accounts receivable report | Shortcut to AR report | Writing checks | Date issues | Today’s date | Keyboard shortcuts | T for Today | M for Month | Fred Jones example | Quick add vs. setup | Avoiding the mouse | Vendor, customer, employee or other | Entering a check in register | Account field | Memo Field | Running account balance

Time: 13:31 to end:  Downloading banking information | Backup strategies | How to backup | Backup options | Carbonite | Files out of office