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Every month my website gets more and more visitors to my free computer training tutorials and tips.

Most of that growth is because people tell other people about this website. The goal of this website is to help people get better at computer software so they can use it at home, work or in a business that they have created. It is my hope that this website has made you a better person.

I am working very hard on this website

U Old Dog LogoIt is my goal to help you learn something new almost every day. I’m constantly on the lookout for resources that can help you a little bit every day. It would be very gratifying if you would tell people about this website and ask them to subscribe to my newsletter.

Please tell people about this website

I am always looking for feedback on things that you want to learn about. Recently, I was asked about Instagram, so I went looking for tutorial that would help you learn about Instagram. Your ideas and feedback really help me understand what is important to you. Because this is my business, I am sometimes too close to the subject matter to see the forest through the trees. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.