My experience has been that people that are savvy with how to work with files on their computer sometimes gets stymied when working with pictures and keeping them organized.

A client of mine downloaded some pictures to a folder on her computer and she wasn’t sure how to organize her pictures in folders.  Unfortunately, all the pictures were just thrown into a folder and she was looking for a way to organize them.  I suggested that she create a folder and then move all the pictures into that newly created folder.

When you plug your phone or your camera into your computer, this is how you manage pictures on that device.

Pictures on your computer are simply files. Quite often they are a JPEG file and can be handled as such. Meaning you can copy them and you can move them around. When I bring pictures onto my computer I try to create a folder for the month in which I am bringing them into the computer. In other words, I might create a folder called March 2015 and then bring all the images into that folder. If I forget when I brought the items onto the computer I can usually remember the time of year when the picture was taken and deduce which folder they will most likely be in based on the folder month. It is not unusual for me to have a folder for a year, for example the year 2015, and within that folder have folders of different months. It might take a little digging, but I can usually find the images rather quickly.

Managing pictures is no different than managing any other type of file on your computer.

This video shows you how to accomplish that.  Enjoy.