In my opinion, you are crazy if you update your Windows computer to Windows 10! Let me tell you why.

First and foremost this has nothing to do with Windows 10, I am hearing nothing but good things about Microsoft’s most recent version of Windows. But this is the question you should ask yourself: what is Windows 10 going to do for me today?

windows 10If you are in business, sales or marketing and all of your software is working working perfectly today why in the world would you take a chance to mess that up? Why break that software nirvana that exists in your life today? If your car works fine why would you change the engine? That’s what Windows 10 is, the engine that runs your computer. It is nothing more than that.

My advice is this: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! At least for the time being.

Let everyone else download and install Windows 10 and be beta testers for all the software you currently use. And that includes act. Wait six months, reconsider and still don’t do it unless there is a compelling reason that is so good that it will make you more productive.

Just to be clear this is what I usually recommend for all software updates and major releases.

Do not be sucked into the something shiny and new conundrum. Wait. Don’t lose sight of what is really important to you and your business: selling and taking care of your customers. All of my experience has been that in this day and age brand-new shiny software, updates rarely make such an impact that it warrants all the excitement that seems to surround it.

If you value your time and energy, just wait. If it is that good, it will be there tomorrow!