When you learn how to work with tables in Microsoft Word it will change how you look at any new document or project you create in Microsoft Word.

In other words, you will look at things differently. I have created 16 videos on working with tables in Microsoft Word. Now that might sound like a lot, but I use these tutorials to illustrate the wide range of choices you have when working with Microsoft Word, and for that matter all of Microsoft Office, as it pertains to all kind of fine details when making formatting and style decisions.

The fine and simple points you learn here will carryover to all aspects of working with Microsoft Word and your computer in general.  I can’t stress enough how the little bits and pieces you pick up in this table tutorials will strengthen your overall computer skills.  Enjoy.


An Introduction to Tables in Microsoft Word

What are Contextual Tabs in Microsoft Office?

Design and Layout Tabs in Microsoft Word

Right Clicking

Selection Techniques 1: Fundamentals

Selection Techniques 2: Control Shift

Adding Columns and Rows to a Table in Microsoft Word

Deleting Columns and Rows to a Table in Microsoft Word

Moving around and manipulating a table in Microsoft Word

Resizing Cells Distribute Rows Evenly in a Table

Tables: Text Direction and Alignment

Tables: Merge and Split Cells

Table Borders: Printing without Borders

Putting a Table in a Table

Table Cell Margins, Padding and Spacing

Splitting a Table in Microsoft Word