Free Excel Training Part 2 (55:00)

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Begin:Quick review of Excel 1: Includes formatting | Increase & decrease decimal point | Formula bar | AutoSum | Creating formulas | Using control and shift key to select cells | Understanding an existing spreadsheet | Using Google to help with Excel | Working with tabs | Tab colors I Tab scroll bar.

15:01:AutoFilter | Zooming in and out | Selecting multiple columns or rows | Filtering multiple columns | Drilling down filtered results. 

23:11:PivotTables | Understanding your data | PivotTable wizard, selecting data for your PivotTable | PivotTable field list | Organizing PivotTable data | Filtering a PivotTable | Practice makes perfect. 

32:41:Excel options | Recent file list count | Reviewing different tabs | Password protection | Zero values | Comment options and more. 

39:11:Creating a copy of a worksheet | Deleting a worksheet | Selecting data in multiple worksheets | Changing data in multiple worksheets. 

44:11: Side-by-side comparisons.

46:43:A bunch of little things: naming a series of cells | Creating a commissions formula | Using a formula with a named cell | Conditional formatting and closing comments.