Learn Microsoft Excel 2003 for Free

Most of my Microsoft Excel training videos were recorded using Excel 2003.  If you are using Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, the fundamentals you’ll learn in the Excel 2003 videos will carry over to these newer versions.  The biggest change in Excel 2007 and 2010 is the new Ribbon navigation system and I have videos about the Ribbon. Quite simply, if you learn how to drive a car (Excel 2003), you don’t have to learn all over again when a new model (Excel 2007 | Excel 2010) is released.  Excel Part 1 and Part 2 are full length classes; Excel Part 3 is made up of a series of short tutorials.

I have broken down these classes with time stamps, so you can move forwards or backwards to the point in the class that you want to review.

Free Excel Training Part 1 (58:00)

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Note: this is a recording of a live webinar

Begin: Introduction to Class

3:21: Ended PowerPoint presentation | Windows logo key | How to open Excel | Create an Excel shortcut on desktop | Show desktop icon

5:23: Overview of Excel | Excel toolbars | Comparing Excel to Word | What is a workbook? | What is a worksheet? | Sheet 1, sheet 2 & sheet 3 | Workbook name | Title bar | Columns & Rows | Name box | Cells | Moving around a spreadsheet | Arrow keys | Page up & page down keys | How many rows? | Keyboard shortcuts | How many columns? | Find & Replace

17:20: Why use Excel | Is Excel the best choice?

19:10: Starting to use Excel | Example: tracking employee information | Entering information | Anticipating what I type | Zoom | Cell spillover | Resizing columns & rows | Leading zeros | Selecting multiple cells | Should I be thing about a template? | Undo & Redo

27:11: Formatting cells | Formatting Columns & Rows | Phone numbers, social security numbers, currency, zip code | Rethinking a template

31:25: Moving information | Pointer Shapes | Duplicating the contents of a cell (fill) | Completing patterns | Creating a numbered list

35:50: Saving a Template as an Excel file | See: Template tutorial | NOTE: on the tape I say I’m taking a break (it was a live class), please disregard, I edited it out.

38:10: Introducing Tony’s Place | Formatting Tony’s Place: making it look better | Cleaning up the numbers | Increase and decrease decimal: cleaning up the numbers | Working with round numbers | Editing contents of a cell | Formula Bar

43:50: Calculations: Adding together multiple cells | AutoSum | Dancing black ants

45:30: The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Rule

46:42: Manipulating data in a spreadsheet | Discussing the data | There’s a problem | Insert a comment | Viewing a comment | Be careful with comments | Hiding a column or row | Unhide | Rows and columns are the same

52:16: Adding a row or column | How it impacts a formula | Adding multiple rows or columns

53:58: Introduction to formulas | Cheating to remember! | Closing remarks