Make Any Speaker Wireless with Google Chromecast Audio

Have a hi-fi system or even some favorite speakers that lack wireless capabilities? Or do you have a bluetooth speaker that just works poorly? Enter Google Chromecast Audio, an under $35 device that makes any speaker or stereo wireless. Via Wi-Fi!

Look around most homes and you’ll see stereos, clock radios and even an old-school hi-fi system with separate receiver, CD player, and maybe even an LP player. Great stuff, but how do you get your music to these devices? How do you listen to Pandora, Spotify, Google Music or even iTunes when the device was created years before modern wireless technologies were invented?

Heck, if you have teens, there’ll also likely be a bluetooth speaker or two around, allowing for better music listening than the tiny smartphone speaker of their Android or iPhone. But bluetooth has plenty of problems and interference and crackly connections are more common than most people realize, particularly if you have lots of other electronics… him

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