I’m a Twitter Skeptic: I’ve created two brief tutorials in which I discuss the pros and cons of Twitter…in my opinion!

I must confess I’m a Twitter skeptic, I just don’t get it. On one hand it’s an interesting tool for you to be able to reach out to people you are interested in, like a celebrity. In a few my tutorials I use Barack Obama and his Twitter account as an example of the kind of person you could follow. If he decides to quickly get a message out to his followers he can do that quite easily. That part of twitter I must confess is rather interesting. The biggest problem I have with twitter is that people follow other people and they can’t possibly read all the messages that come their way. What is the percentage of tweets that actually get read?

I’ve always felt that if I follow someone it can’t read what they say isn’t that in essence being sort of rude? Take a look at my video tutorials and you decide for yourself. Enjoy.

I Love Twitter

I Hate Twitter