Kim Komando

Kim Komando is the host of an American talk radio program based on the popularity of smartphones, televisions, tablets, personal computers, the use of the Internet, and the complexities of buying and using all forms of consumer electronics.

(source Wikipedia)

I started listening to The Kim Komando Show while driving home from family vacations in Maine. Heading down Interstate 95 from southern Maine to my Boston area home Kim brought technological savvy to the masses. I learned a great deal from Kim and I’d urge you to make her part of your technology education.

Kim has the unique ability to close the technology gap for people that use computers, smart phones and all kinds of technology devices.

If you would like to listen to Kim on the radio, you can visit her website to find it station near you. In addition to that, I suggest that you sign up for her newsletter of tips and practical technology advice. You can find her at

Here are some recent tips from Kim Komando: Source: Kim Komando – Free Computer Training