Siri Makes the iPhone Easier to Use

My first iPhone was an iPhone 4 and Siri was not available on the iPhone 4.My second iPhone was an iPhone 5 in Siri became available with the iPhone 4s; which was the model between the iPhone 4 and 5. In my opinion one of the best things about Siri is that allows you to do many things with your iPhone more conveniently. For example, I can dial a phone number while I’m driving my car, while keeping my eyes on the road. That to me is one of the most impressive things about the safety features of Siri.

The first video in this tutorial is Apple’s iPhone commercial about Siri. The second video shows you 50 ways to use Siri. What I really like about the second video is that it really illustrates the power of Siri and the power of using your imagination to direct Siri.

Speak to Siri!

Apple Commercial introducing Siri

In this video Tutorial from PhoneBuff, he goes over 50 Voice Commands with Siri.  Seeing and Hearing is Believing!