In this tutorial you will learn how to find your iPhone if it is lost or misplaced.

Just a little bit of an update: this will also work with your iPad or iPod. In addition the text below was written by the Merlin Dean of  Thank you Merlin

Video by Bill Savage


Find My iPhone | by Merlin Dean

Many times I’ve left my iPhone in the cushions of a couch, my car seat, a restaurant… and by pure luck I always found it. This Find My iPhone feature not only helps you find your lost iPhone, iPad or Touch, but it also allows you to send a text with instructions, with a loud “ping” noise included, just in case it is found by someone.

  • Or you can do a complete wipe clean by remote, it’s up to you… Hopefully you wrote the word “cash reward” on your ransom text.
  • And yes, even if your iPhone is locked and passcode protected, this can override that and still deliver your desperate text plea.
  • This feature works with Mobile Me, and it used to cost $99 a year, but thanks to competition from Android, it’s now free..

Important Note:

  • Your stolen or lost iPhone must be turned ON for this feature to work. If your iphone is turned off, then… sorry… Life is a box of chocolates.

But! Assuming your iPhone is still turned on…Go to either (it’s an Apple site), or download the free “Find My iPhone” App from your iPhone App Store.


  • You think you left your iPhone at Starbucks… But thank goodness you learned how to passcode protect it at (shameless plug).
  • What should you do next?
  • You’re home, which is twenty minutes away… You call, but there’s no answer… Maybe because you had the ringer off…
  • Or maybe because some teenager is trying to rip you off…

But — if you have Find My iPhone, then you can send a text with a loud signal, and then go on any computer and track it down visually, thru  Or you can use the Find My iphone App on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch…And if you think it’s a lost cause because there’s no way of retrieving it? Then do a complete remote wipe.

Once you download the free App, you can put all your Apple devices on the list. Select the one you want to find, and a blue dot appears over their location, as long as your device is connected to a wi-fi or 3G network then it will work… unless it’s turned OFF. Pray that it is still turned ON…Tap the blue dot for more information and options if you are lucky enough to have it on. You can set up a passcode by remote to keep anyone from accessing your info.

Find My iPhone… free with every new iPhone 4 & 5, iPad, and iPod Touch.