iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone Tips & Tricks

This video tutorial will teach you how to set up your iPhone and iTunes.

The vast majority of all the video tutorials on this website were done by me. Having stated that, I know my strengths and weaknesses and I know when to defer to other instructors. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that you have the ability to learn about everything and much of what you’d like to learn about is on YouTube. Unless otherwise noted, most of my iPhone tips will be created by other people.

My first iPhone was an iPhone 4; I now use an iPhone 5. Some of these tutorials were created for the iPhone 4, yet are applicable to the iPhone 5 as well.

In the past when someone asked me about how to learn about the iPhone I always told them to find a local 12-year-old who uses an iPod Touch. An iPod touch is basically an iPhone without the phone. I asked my son Brian to teach me about the iPhone when I first purchased it; his experience at the age of 12 with the iPod touch made it easy for him to teach this old dog.

An iPhone is considered to be a smart phone. In my opinion one of the greatest things about my iPhone is that it solves so many problems. To me one of the best features of my iPhone is that it also acts as a camera. I can take photos whenever and wherever I might be and is the son of professional photographers I have to say the quality is pretty darn good.

These tutorials will feature the iPhone, in the future I hope to have tutorials about android-based devices. Thank you and enjoy.