Through the years, I have developed a lot of general knowledge about computers. I’ve learned about tools that are available to the everyday computer user; tools that make computers easier to work with. Many of those tools have been outlined in a book that I’d like to recommend by Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend, (a.k.a. Beth Z).

Her book is entitled “Release Your Inner Nerd” and was published in 2014.

Release Your Inner NerdThis book is a great and easy read and a great resource that describes many of the tools that I am familiar with, and many more. Beth also publishes a weekly newsletter that is delivered via email and I highly recommend you subscribe to that as well.

Here is some information about Beth, her book, and her website:



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Some of the topics in her book includes the following:

Online Backup Solutions

Online Photo Storage

Password Managers

PDF Tools

Project Management

Automation Tools

Email Tools

Resume and Portfolio Tools

Mass Email Tools

Royalty-Free Stock Images

Image Generators

Online Image Editors

Magazine and Book Tools

Audio in Videoconferencing

Volunteer Management

Translation Tools

Flight Tracking Tools

Freelance Marketplaces

Crowd Sourced Funding

Online Education