Has your iPhone started running out of cellular data before your allowance is reset each month? How to stop running out-of-data on your iphone.

Do you receive texts from your mobile network warning that you are at 80% of your data allowance for the month? Have you ever run out of data before the month was up? If you are tired of running out of cellular data every month follow our tips and never run out of data again.

Tip 1 of 18: Save data in iOS 9

When Apple introduced iOS 9 some users found that their Mobile Data (or Cellular Data if you are in the US) was being gobbled up more rapidly than before.  It turned out that the reason for this was Apple’s new WiFi Assist feature, which will utilize the mobile network if your WiFi is flaky.  If you think this is happening to you, you can turn this feature off in Settings > Mobile Data then scroll to the bottom of the page where you can turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Now, in reaction to the discourse over the new feature, Apple has admitted that users “might use more cellular data” in a new support document about the feature.

The issue is that the feature is turned on by default, so users who have a limited data allowance may wish to turn it off, but if they are unaware of its existence they will be none the wiser about the cause of their data drain. Apple has made sure that there are some limitations to the feature, though: it won’t work when you are data roaming in another country and not all apps can take advantage of the feature, for example video and audio streaming apps are exempt. However, Apple’s Safari, Mail, Maps, and Apple Music do utilise the feature.

Source: How to stop running out of data on your iPhone, how to turn off WiFi assist – How to – Macworld UK