If you have children, it is amazing how much you can learn from them when it comes to operating your smartphone.

Last week my son discovered that he forgot his baseball cleats at home and he was on his way to a baseball game. When I asked him where I could meet him to give him his glove he shared his current location of the baseball field where he was playing with his iPhone. Immediately, I had a map of where I could find.

This was a feature I was not familiar with and had never used on my iPhone.

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Sometimes we have the need to share our current location with someone, or in the case of younger children, you may want to always know where they are. Up until iOS 8 the only way to share a location was through the Maps app, which didn’t give you constant location information, only current. Now you can now share specific location information as well as continuous location data with anyone else who is also using iMessage. How to share only your current location via iMessage How to share your location over a period of time with iMessage

Source: How to quickly share your location in iMessage for iOS 8 | iMore