The Camera on your Smartphone can be used in many creative ways!

My wife and I are having some work done on our home; we are having it painted. When the painters arrived, the boss gave us a business card that we promptly misplaced. When I located the business card, I took a picture of it with my smart phone. Now that I have it on my phone, it will always be with me and very easy to access.

Not only that, I can share it easily by texting it or emailing it to anyone that needs a good painter.

One of the great things about having a smart phone is that it has a camera built right into it. Do you have a list? Take a picture of it. Do you have an important document you need to scan? Take a picture of it. Do you have a photo that you want to share with people? Take a picture of it. The quality of the images from smart phones is so good that it can easily replace a scanner. If you need to scan anything, I would urge you to take a picture of it instead.

Your smart phone camera can be used in so many ways that you might not of even considered in the past. Do you have a suggestion for how you use your smart phone? Please share it with us.