Where would we be without Google? We have discussed the company’s impact on the world a number of times here, but this post likely sums it up best. Where Google’s core product is concerned, it’s a safe bet that every single person who will read this article either regularly uses Google search or at least uses it occasionally.

Google search became as popular as it is now due in large part to its simplicity, and the service remains wonderfully simple to this day. But as simple as Google search seems on the surface, it packs a wide range of functionality just waiting to be explored by savvy users. And if you’re not already a savvy Google search user, you will be by the time you’re done with this post.

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There are hundreds of features just waiting to make your life easier, but it’s impossible to remember all the little tricks you need in order to take advantage of them. We’re not going to overload you by listing hundreds of tips in a single post, but we will address 20 tricks in particular that every user should know.

Some will save you time, some will make your life easier, and others are just fun little tricks, but you’ll be glad you learned each and every one of them

Source: Google Tricks: 20 tips and tricks every Google search user should know | BGR