Thanks to Source of Video: Technology for Teachers and Students

For years, I have been using Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email. I have clients that use Gmail and have never really incorporated Microsoft Outlook in their day-to-day business use.

I have a Gmail account and use it infrequently. Today, on a whim, I decided to learn a little bit more about Gmail to try to understand why people like it so much. To a certain degree I think it is a chocolate and vanilla scenario. If the first email program you’ve used was Gmail, you develop a taste for it. If vanilla was your first ice cream, you develop a taste for it and find it hard to try anything else. On that note, I’ve decided to start posting some more information about Gmail.

Here is a great video that talks about Gmail Basics Tutorial Plus Advanced Tips & Tricks. Some of the concepts it includes are as follows:

• Labels
• managing labels
• hide and showing labels
• applying labels
• filtering messages
• Gmail settings
• inbox settings
• priority inbox
• undo send
• desktop notifications
• muting conversations

Email can waste a lot of time and there are only so many variations of an email theme. As a longtime Microsoft Outlook user I recognize a lot of the concepts Gmail is trying to incorporate to make email easier to work with. Is Gmail better than Microsoft Outlook? Is vanilla better than chocolate? Watch the video and you decide for yourself.