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When I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I found it frustrating because it was so easy.  I know that might not make sense, so let me try to explain.

When you first install Dragon NaturallySpeaking you will be taken through a set up of the software. In my opinion, that was rather straightforward. The reason I find the software frustrating is because it does so much so quickly that I found I was in awe of what you could do in a rather short period of time.

I would say that Dragon is efficient enough to recognize about 80% of what you say when you start using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It is that last 20% that you have to take time to learn how to deal with and correct. They say that you have to walk before you can run, but Dragon Dictation teaches you how to run first and I find it frustrating that I have to slow down and walk to take the software to the next level.  I am frustrated in a good way. Does that make sense now?

I would urge you to take Dragon out-of-the-box and start using it immediately. Even if you dictate stuff and have to do all the corrections your old-fashioned way with keyboard and mouse, you will still experience what you can do with your voice. Hopefully, I can share with you how to get through that last 20% quickly and efficiently so you won’t feel frustrated as well.

In my opinion Dragon Dictation is like learning the language and it is my advice that you immerse yourself in right away. Hopefully I can simlify any rough patches you might encounter with my upcoming tutorials and blog posts.  To get started I would recommend you watch the video below to be exposed to some of the techniques that you can use to correct mistakes and enhance the software. I will expound on this video in future tutorials.