How well do you know Microsoft Word? If someone asked you how proficient you are with Microsoft Word how would you answer them?

My experience has been that if I teach you my Microsoft Word Top 20 Tips you will know enough to walk into an employer and look that person in the eye and tell them you know Microsoft Word. Don’t waste your time on the computer skills class, an online class or even services such as and I will list my top 20 tips below and you can find tutorials for all of them on this website. If you need help you can reach out to me and I can assist you by giving you a one-on-one tutorial.  My tutorials are about 90 minutes in length.

Here are my top 20 tips in no particular order:

Why is Microsoft Word the most important software program you can learn?
The Ribbon
Mini Toolbar
Formatting text
Selecting Text
Moving things around
Spell Check
Cut Copy Paste
Zoom Feature
Format Painter
AutoText and AutoCorrect
Undo & Redo
Save vs. Save As
Templates vs. Docs
Inserting Pictures
Bullets and Numbers
Save as PDF
Tables & Text Box
File | New | Templates