iPhone Tips and Tricks

I love my iPhone! It is a computer. It is a camera. The iPhone is many things all rolled into one. Even though I’m a computer teacher I don’t consider myself a techie, believe it or not. I’ve always felt I am a practical person.

When I bought my first iPhone the feature or tool that really made me feel this was a worthwhile purchase was the camera within the iPhone. I have kids, three boys. The iPhone’s camera was fantastic for sporting events and family events. The iPhone also has a video camera. As a parent I found these tools made the iPhone worth every penny I spent on it. The reality is that the iPhone has saved the money because I have not had to buy a new camera or video camera.

If you do not own an iPhone or for that matter a smart phone, my advice to you is to get one because it is so much more than just a phone. You can pick and choose what you want to use on your iPhone and I suggest you look at it is a tool and not just the phone.

At this point in time I have produced more than 25 iPhone Tips. Tips number 1 through 25 are practical tips on how to use your phone. Please watch my videos and tell your friends about www.teachanolddognewtricks.com.

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