I love to teach people about software, technology  and computers.  When I started this free computer training website we were at the start of a recession and I felt it was a good way of giving something back to the community and those that were looking to improve their job skills.

I started by offering free computer training classes and videos in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Today, my offerings have grown to include free technology and computer training subjects that include: Computers 101, QuickBooks, Smartphones, such as iPhones and android devices, tablets and iPads, Internet skills, Google search tips and tools, computer security tips, you to, Facebook, twitter, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, QuickBooks, Microsoft Access, Microsoft expression web, WordPress and guest instructors in a wide variety of subject matter.

Would you do me a favor?

Please tell your friends about Teach an Old Dog New Tricks and asked them to tell their friends and work in business colleagues. My goal is to create the world’s greatest free computer training and technology training website. I can only do it with your help.

Thank you. Tony Holowitz: Chief Old Dog | 781-728-9777

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