I love to teach people about computer software and technology that impacts us every day. My primary goal is to help individuals and small business owners make the most of the software they use on a daily basis.

My Computers 101, Internet Skills and Web Tips and Google Search Tips tutorials are excellent starting points for beginners.  I also focus a lot of attention on Microsoft Office skills. I offer Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint video tutorials. I have created more than 80 hours of tutorials myself and I’m continuously adding new computer training tutorials.

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?  Absolutely!

Here at the University of Old Dog, affectionately known as U Old Dog, there are more than 45 Microsoft Word tutorials, 27 Microsoft Excel tutorials, 35 Microsoft Outlook tutorials and 17 Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials. I have numbered these tutorials so it is the equivalent of taking a computer training class when you watch them in order. I focus my attention on teaching you the things that I feel you need to know in order to enter the workplace or to enhance your abilities at your current job. In addition, there are also classes and tutorials from featured instructors and organizations that offer training that I do not offer. I am always on the lookout for new offerings from outstanding teachers and technology writers.   I also offer Microsoft Office 2003 tutorials as well.

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For business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople I offer training in Act and QuickBooks. There are more than 40 QuickBooks tutorials!  I’m an Act Certified Consultant and Act technology writer at my blog www.365ActTips.com. Make sure you sign-up for our updates to be notified when new tips and tutorials are available.   If you have questions or need assistance, simply contact me. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

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