Learning software is like learning a language, if you don’t use it you will lose it.

Last week I received a phone call from a woman in California that was looking to enhance her software skills in preparation for a job search. She asked me for advice on the best way to approach learning about software that is typically required in the workplace. I told her what I tell everyone that has asked me this question in the past: fake it, until you make it.

Unfortunately, the best way to retain what you learn with software is by using it every day. Well maybe not every day, but most days when you are at work. It is very difficult to you learn Microsoft Word for example, unless you use it on a regular basis. Being in a work setting gives you an excuse to use software and that will enable you to retain what you have learned through simple repetition.

So when people asked me this question I tell them to review my videos with the complete understanding that you are doing nothing more than exposing yourself to some of the uses and techniques of the software. When you eventually get a job revisit these tutorials whenever you need them to remind yourself how to do something. In fact, I often tell people to tell their job interviewer about this website, www.TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com, so they can be assured that you have been studious in regards to enhancing their software skills.

These tutorials are here to stay in will be a resource for you before you get a job and after you get a job. So rest assured that you can feel confident about software in your next interview.
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