Facebook Tips: Fall 2015

Let’s face it, parents have ruined Facebook for their kids as they use the site to communicate with friends more than their kids do.

I use Facebook for one primary reason. As the son of two great photographers I like to take pictures and sharing them was always difficult. In the old days you would have to take your film to the developer and have prints made. Once those prints were made you had to go out of your way to share a photo with friend, stranger or family member and that rarely ever happened. Facebook makes it easy to share photos. Today, anyone that has a smart phone has a camera.

I am not a Facebook expert and because of that I have been searching for great tips for Facebook users. My search brought me to a Facebook page (that I assume is run by Facebook) that shares tips for making the most of Facebook. If you like this page you will be in the flow of tips and updates about Facebook.

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/FacebookTips

Source: Facebook Tips