Excel TRIM function – quick way to remove extra spaces

The tutorial demonstrates a few quick and easy ways to trim Excel spaces. Learn how to remove leading, trailing, and extra spaces between words, why Excel TRIM function is not working and how to fix it.

Are you comparing two columns for duplicates that you know are there, but your formulas cannot find a single duplicate entry? Or, are you adding up two columns of numbers, but keep getting only zeros? And why on earth does your obviously correct Vlookup formula return just a bunch of N/A errors? These are only a few examples of problems that you may be seeking answers to. Add all are caused by extra spaces hiding before, after or between text and numbers in your cells.
Excel formulas not working because of extra spaces

Microsoft Excel offers a few different ways to remove spaces and clean up your data. In this tutorial, we will investigate the capabilities of the TRIM function as the fastest and easiest way to delete spaces in Excel.

Source: Excel TRIM function – quick way to remove extra spaces