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A few years back I decided to make this computer software training completely free and it will continue to stay free…forever!

Tony Holowitz: Tony The TeacherPlease Consider Making a Contribution!  On this website you will find more than 80 hours of free computer training videos and tutorials that were scripted, created, recorded and uploaded to this site by me…Tony Holowitz, computer teacher, husband and father. Every hour of video takes between two and three hours to produce; it is a fair amount of work.

If this website has helped you either personally or professionally, would you consider giving a donation to contribute to its continued growth? If you are part of a bigger organization or business that is utilizing my site please consider a contribution on behalf of your staff or clients.  All I ask is that you consider donating whatever you can reasonably afford and what you feel might be fair. I’ll leave it completely up to you.

If you would like to donate please visit my donations page:  www.TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com/donate


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