This is my favorite QuickBooks tutorial. Learning how to create your first invoice in QuickBooks shows you how QuickBooks responds to the things you do. The things you learn in this invoice tutorial will take you so far in retaining knowledge about QuickBooks.

This tutorial will teach you and show you the way QuickBooks remembers things. For example customers. We will review the quick add versus setup options in show you the different types of invoices you can choose from when using QuickBooks. In addition, we will show you some keyboard shortcuts that you’ll use all the time when using QuickBooks.

This tutorial will also show you how to change an invoice number and we will start to explore quantities in different items of products and services. We’ll talk about the ship to address, purchase order numbers, terms and conditions, and much much more.

Last but not least, this tutorial stresses the need not to try to be perfect when doing everything in QuickBooks for the first time. In future tutorials you will learn that QuickBooks has checks and balances that will help you catch mistakes that you might make. When you first start using QuickBooks don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.