My Computers 101 Tutorials are Great for Beginners.

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Tony Holowitz: Tony The TeacherMy fundamental computer training for beginners and senior citizens is an excellent way to learn about your computer. To start I focus on simple things like turning the computer on and off and working with the mouse and keyboard. I then urge you to use your computer for email and Internet searches because these are two great ways to make a computer an interesting tool for you to use. I then go on to teach you how to open software programs and how to get around the computer using Solitaire as a tool to enhance your skills.  Because I want you to have fun immediately I then go on to teach you a little bit about the Internet; discovering the World Wide Web. We take a look at Google and focus on helping you search and work on the Internet.

My experience has been that if you use your computer for nothing more than email and to surf the web or the Internet, you’ll have a great experience. The next step in my training is to give you little more detail about what you see when you work with your computer. For example what is a computer desktop?

We take a look at icons and toolbars and I will also teach you that you computer is nothing more than a big filing cabinet where you can save things. I’ll teach you how to create folders, rename folders, and move folders around. In addition to all that we will explore different Internet browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

If you are looking to increase your computer skills so you can get a job. I strongly urge you to partake in my Microsoft word training, as well as, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint. These are great tools for any job. I also teach two pieces of software that are very popular and small businesses: ACT! and QuickBooks. ACT! is a contact manager in QuickBooks is accounting software.

All in all, if you partake in this training you will have a great understanding of how to get around your computer and enhance your ability to get a job if that is what you require. Enjoy.