Change text to upper, lower, or proper (normal) font in Microsoft Excel

Applies To: Excel 2013 | If you need to quickly change the text case to uppercase, lowercase, or proper (normal) case, use Flash Fill instead of retyping all the text. For example, column A has a list of names in lower case. Here’s how you can change the names to proper case. In cell B2 or the column next to your data, type the first and last name with the first letter in each name capitalized and press Enter. List of names in lower case (finish reading at source)

Source: Change text to upper, lower, or proper (normal) font – Excel

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When working with worksheets whose text will be viewed by others in a report format or other form of output that others will see (e.g., a mailing list file to be printed to shipping labels), you want to make sure the text is properly formatted. Here is how to convert any text format in Microsoft Excel into proper case (first letter is capital letter, remainder are lower case).