If I lost all of my computer data I would be in big trouble.  If I lost the pictures of my kids I’d be devastated.

Carbonite online backup service is an inexpensive back up service that I’ve used for years and I’d highly recommend them.  It is approximately $59.00 a year for unlimited storage and it is an absolute necessity for all computer owners.  Many of my clients and students are small business owners that work from home in Carbonite is the perfect solution to backup all of your files. If you are using any other system that requires your intervention to complete the backup, stop kidding yourself into thinking that you will do it in a timely and efficient manner. Frankly, the cost of doing it that way can exceed the cost of using Carbonite.

Carbonite offers personal and business plans with free trials for both types of services.

Carbonite’s personal plan offers a 15 day free trial a Carbonite’s business plan offers a 30 day free trial. InformationWeek, PC Magazine and life hacker endorse Carbonite. If you have questions you can call them at 877-725-8745.  Web Site: www.Carbonite.com

Do yourself a favor and get Carbonite online backup service today. Don’t wait until it’s too late.