My name is Tony Holowitz and I’m the editor and publisher here at Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

Late last year I started thinking about what I wanted this site to be and how I could help people going forward. I am a software teacher and a lot of what is on this site is related to the software I use in business. I am also in Act Certified Consultant. I teach Act users how to make better use of Act in their business for sales, marketing and administration.

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks is a labor of love. It is my thing. It is a way to give back to the community.

As a husband and father with two children college bound in the fall, I am suffering from mal-tuition. Having stated that I realized that I missed teaching everyday computer users how to do more with the technology that is right in front of them. Balancing my old dog life with my working life is a challenge. However, in 2018 I want to show people how they can empower themselves to learn about technology with a little assistance from me. My goal is the point you at things that I feel could be helpful for you and to also to produce my own material as time permits.

My hope is that in 2018 I can produce a lot of content for you about technology that is relevant this year and in future years. Thank you.