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YouTube is the second largest search engine right behind Google and Google owns YouTube.  If you need to learn about something, look for a video on YouTube.  I fixed my dishwasher with the help of a YouTube video; my wife was amazed.  Below I have created some tutorials about YouTube and also found videos that illustrate my point about what a great learning tool YouTube can be.  Have some fun.

Getting Started with YouTube

Introduction to YouTube
YouTube is Number Two
YouTube is An Amazing Resource
YouTube Viewing Options
Who Makes These Videos?
Sharing YouTube Videos
Subscribing to YouTube Channels

Use two apps together (1:00)

YouTube Video Examples: A Typical Work Day

I believe you can find videos on YouTube about virtually any topic. To illustrate my point I searched for videos that depict the activities of a typical workday; all of these videos were done by others.

How To Boil Water – YouTube
How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker – YouTube
How to make eggs over-easy – YouTube
You’re Doing It All Wrong – How to Make Oatmeal – YouTube
How to Brush Teeth – YouTube
How to wash your hands properly – YouTube
How to Properly Comb Your Hair – YouTube
Bag Lunches What To Make or Take For Lunch – YouTube

At Work

My Daily Drive to Work in E46 M3 @ 165mph on Autobahn – YouTube
The Efficient Workplace – YouTube
Snack Attack! Geeky but funny tips on eating better at work – YouTube
Coffee Break Coaching (Delivering Results on the Job) – YouTube
Flintstones Theme Song – It’s quitting time. – YouTube

After Work

Easy Dinner Recipes – 30 Minute Quick Dinner Ideas – YouTube
Wine Advice How to Choose a Good Wine – YouTube
Gourmet Dessert Recipes – YouTube
Kitchen Cleaning Tips – YouTube
Enjoyed a nice walk after dinner on the weekend – YouTube
Tips for better sleep – How to get a good nights sleep – YouTube