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Adding New Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint Is Easier Than You Think.

Hi ladies and gentlemen, in this tutorial we are going to focus on adding new slides to your PowerPoint presentation. To this point, our focus has been on one slide and one slide only. A PowerPoint presentation is made up of multiple slides and I will show you how to insert a new slide, and how to click on certain arrows to show different slide options. We’ll show you how to add different types of slide such as blank slides. Once you’ve inserted a slide, all show you how to edit that slide. Also I will show you how to add multiple slides by using copy and paste.

Keep in mind that I have always said in PowerPoint the first slide is the hardest. The reason for that is because you trying to figure out the look and feel of that slide and how it’s good work within your presentation. Once you get past the first slide, PowerPoint starts become fun and much more productive. Thank you.