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8 Outstanding Google Tools You May Not Know About
Which of these tools and resources can give you the competitive advantage?

Lately, I’ve been hearing about this little company called Google. Personally, I think there’s a chance that they’ll actually make something of themselves. Call me crazy.

While approximately 101 percent of this article’s readers routinely use Google to find everything from business plan templates to the best places to buy chinchilla food, Google’s moved well past the search niche. In fact, chances are Google offers up a few services you’ve never heard of that might be beneficial to your business. Here are just a few:

1. Google Trends

What it is: A site to discover how popular certain searches have been on Google historically, as well as what’s popular right now.

Why it’s useful: Want to be ahead of the social media zeitgeist? This is a great place to start. It’s a feature-packed site; you can survey trending YouTube videos as well.

Pro tip: Use the optional forecast checkbox to anticipate whether interest in a particular topic is expected to rise over time.

2. Google Cloud Platform

What it is: A platform that allows you to build applications, host websites, analyze data, and much more, via Google’s scalable infrastructure.

Why it’s useful: Similar to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform is an easy way for entrepreneurs to focus on building their concept, as opposed to worrying about the backend layer. Customers include little-known startups such as Best Buy, Snapchat, Coca-Cola, and Sony Music.

Pro tip: You can get $300 in credit towards a 60-day free trial. Even better: The trial is entirely free; you won’t be billed unless you decide to keep your account after the trial.

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