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powerpoint-2016-logo-icon1. Learn PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts, like Shift+F5 to start a slide show, can help you save time and look more slick when delivering your presentation.

2. Use compelling graphics:

Instead of blocks of text, make a point to create graphics like charts that can grab your viewers’ attention.

3. But don’t overdo it on images:

Although images are great for interest and engagement, too many images can be distracting. Use images when they add important information or support your point.

4. Display information clearly:

Think design, not decoration. Make sure that you’re sharing complex information in a clear way.

5. Create a textured background:

By layering transparent images, you can create effects, including textured backgrounds.

6. Think simple:

When it comes to PowerPoint, more is not always better. Too much information, too many colors, and long lists can make it difficult for viewers to appreciate and understand your presentation.

7. Explain terms and acronyms:

Your audience may not understand all of the terms and acronyms you use in your presentation, so be sure to explain them the first time through.

8. Make images familiar to your audience:

Create images that your audience can identify with. Presenting to teachers? Add classroom scenes to your presentation.

9. Use a selection pane to control layers:

Easily identify objects by keeping them in different layers and using your selection pane to control them.

10. Take points one step at a time:

Your audience will read your entire slide as soon as it’s displayed. Have four points up there, as you’re talking about the first one? They’ll be three steps ahead. Stick to one point per slide for the most attention.

11. Create cool text effects:

It’s easy to go overboard in this department, but using cool text effects can really help your presentation stand out.

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