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What is the difference between PowerPoint slide animations and slide transitions?

Slide transitions impact how the slide comes onto the screen; the entire slide. Animations on the other hand impact how individual pieces of the slide come on to the screen. For example, pictures, bullet points, or any other type of item that you bring into your slide.

Animations within PowerPoint are great because they can help you control the information that comes into your slide. It controls the timing and how quickly things are viewed by your audience. This is a great tool because it allows you to make sure that your audience doesn’t get ahead of you. Like a lot of the things in Microsoft office, you have many options within this area of PowerPoint.

I always stress that a key to working with PowerPoint is to focus on the content of the slides initially. After you’ve nailed down your content you can then focus on designs, transitions and animations. Never forget that the key of a good presentation is the content. People will soon forget all the animations and transitions but they will always take away the message of the content. Thank you very much.