Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my free QuickBooks training.

In this QuickBooks tutorial we are going to create a second invoice to the same company as we created the first invoice for. What you will learn is that all the work we did in creating the first invoice makes the second invoice much easier to create. What is great about QuickBooks is that it has a memory. Once you’ve taken the time to do something for the first time in QuickBooks the memory makes the second third and subsequent times much easier to do. This tutorial illustrates that.

In addition to those items we will talk about using the tab key to get around QuickBooks, QuickBooks auto fill features and some keyboard shortcuts. Once you hit this point in my QuickBooks training you should start to get a sense that QuickBooks is a lot easier to use than you might’ve thought.

Thank you for watching my tutorials and please tell your friends and business associates about us.