Free Microsoft Excel Training Classes, Tutorials and Articles

Tony Holowitz founded Teach an Old Dog New Tricks to provide free computer training videos, tutorials, articles and educational resources to computer users in a wide variety of subjects that include Microsoft Excel. Tony has personally created dozens of Microsoft Excel tutorials and seeks out experts when the subject matter at hand in Microsoft Excel is beyond his scope of expertise.

Please connect with those experts to learn more and to thank them for their efforts.

Tony’s Microsoft Excel tutorials are great for or Microsoft Excel beginners and intermediate users. Expert instructors can teach you about high level Microsoft Excel subjects and concepts as well. You can find tutorials here about Microsoft Excel basics, Excel columns and rows, Excel formulas, filtering Excel data, creating Excel PivotTables and much more.

Free Microsoft Excel Training Classes

I number the Microsoft Excel tutorials, so taking them in an order is exactly like taking a Microsoft Excel class. The benefit is that you can come back and watch a tutorials as often as you like to keep your Microsoft Excel skills sharp. I have one request: tell your friends about Thank you.

The tutorials can be found here:

Microsoft Excel 2013