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In this tutorial we will Set up a QuickBooks company.

QuickBooks company setup wizard makes it easy to add a new company to QuickBooks. When you start using QuickBooks you will be prompted to do this. When I teach you QuickBooks you will start to learn that I believe the best way to learn QuickBooks is by doing, by experience. It is vital to not be afraid to make mistakes.

QuickBooks is fantastic for running a small business. Having stated that, if you are overwhelmed by the learning process there is a good chance you will stop using it. If you make mistakes you will be able to catch up with those mistakes as you correct things in QuickBooks. I’d rather see you use QuickBooks in an imperfect state rather than not using all. In this tutorial we will set up Tony’s Ice Cream and once we finished doing that we will be just steps away from creating your first invoice.  Enjoy.

Note from Tony about QuickBooks

One of the things that I like most about QuickBooks is that you learn by doing. If you are a small business owner and you are pondering the use of QuickBooks, I urge you to jump right in. The reason I say that is because the way I teach QuickBooks runs in conjunction with how you would set up QuickBooks for your business. I have created more than 40 tutorials that are completely free and are available 24/7 for your viewing pleasure.

If you currently use QuickBooks and you are an experienced QuickBooks user, I teach shortcuts that will make your experience better and more efficient. If you are trying to teach your employees how to use QuickBooks, I can show you how to create simple steps to make the process easier for them to incorporate QuickBooks in their daily workflow immediately.

In my opinion, the trick to using software quickly and efficiently is not to learn everything, but to learn what you don’t have to learn right up front. That is my goal when I help my students.  If you would like assistance with QuickBooks or any of the software that I teach, simply reach out to me.