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In this tutorial, I will do a basic search for a very common name: John Smith.  These simple Google search tips and techniques will make you a better Googler.

My experience has been that once you start seeing some of the tools available it will open your world to a whole new way of searching and learning.  Enjoy my Google search tips.
I love teaching people about computers. My free computer training classes, videos and tips are designed for everyday computer users. My goal is to make the world a little smarter so they can be more productive at work and at play. These free Google Search Tip videos are designed to be viewed and reviewed. Don’t feel you have to remember everything you’ve learned here today because these videos will always be here for your convenience. In fact, please tell your friends and business associates about www.TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com. Thank you.

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Tony Holowitz: Free Google Search Tips and Tricks