I am always searching for computer tips that I think will help you. I came upon this video tutorial that lists 17 things you can do with Google and I thought you might find it helpful.

One note: you might want to turn the music down.  I would like to thank pandas can eat your tech via YouTube for producing this video. This video outline 17 interesting things you can do with Google.  Allow me to list them for you:

Use Google as a timer
Use Google as a tip calculator
Use Google to find movie release dates
Use Google to find episodes of TV shows
Use Google to find which food is better for you
Fnd songs from your favorite band
Find books from your favorite author
Check your flight status
Check sunrise and sunset in your town or location
Get quick history answers
Make Google flip
Make Google tilt
Answers to brainteasers
Easy anagrams
Find a mini game
Find the etymological roots to a word

17 Amazing Things You Can do With GOOGLE!!

by PandasCanEatYourTech on YouTube