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Good QuickBooks reports sometimes aren’t worth the time it takes to create them.

Many years ago I had a client that used QuickBooks and the owner and president of the company asked me to create a specific kind of report that he could reviewed at the end of every day.

I spoke to the person that did all the QuickBooks working and she happened be the office manager as well. We determined that in order for her to put the information and to get the information out to create the report the owners wanted it would take her an extra two hours a day just input data.

When I told the owners that it was impossible to get the report they wanted they were dumbfounded. In a nutshell, they said it’s a computer and it has to be up to give us reports. It was at this point that I mentioned a concept known as GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. In order to get good information out of QuickBooks you have to put good information into QuickBooks. Unfortunately, for many small businesses the amount of time it takes to put that information into QuickBooks isn’t worth it.

This tutorial talks about that and give you some ideas for dealing with it.