Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel are the three heavyweights in the Microsoft Office suite. We recently showed you some of the best features every Microsoft Word user should know and some tips to boost your Outlook productivity. In the same spirit, now we’ll cover the essential Microsoft Excel tips that every user should know.

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard spreadsheet application. Microsoft Excel 2016 is a vast cornucopia of tools that let you manipulate, organize, analyze, and format data in a spreadsheet. Although Excel has been the lifeblood of many a corporate office, research firm, and financial outfit, Excel can be equally as handy and powerful for everyday users. Whether you are a home user managing a household budget, a small business owner managing inventory or a school teacher taking daily attendance, Excel will make your life easier if you learn to use it. Let’s check out those tips.

Essential Tips for Microsoft Excel 2016

1 – Resize Columns and Rows

The Excel default cell height and width is hardly one size fits all. Chances are, you’ll need to adjust the column width and row height to accommodate your data. To do that, click the column or row, select the Home tab, then click the Format button within the Cells group. Choose whether you want to adjust the height or width.

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